The Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA) is in full support of the federal zero-emission vehicle regulations, an important step towards a cleaner, sustainable future. This initiative includes options such as fuel cell vehicles, aligning with Alberta’s industry, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that address particular use cases where battery electric vehicles (BEVs) may not yet be suitable for.

The rate of charging infrastructure growth in Alberta continues to increase. With the added focus of Canada’s mandate (which joins similar mandates from countries around the world), charging stations will continue to proliferate, and is expected to be able to cover the vast majority of the province by 2035. Again, the inclusion of PHEVs is critical, as it ensures no Albertan will be without new vehicle options to meet their business, personal, or recreational transportation needs.

Importantly, Albertans can continue using their existing internal combustion engine vehicles past 2035. This policy is about increasing environmentally responsible options, not removing current vehicles.

We acknowledge concerns about the grid’s capacity. However, the plan to gradually phase out new ICE vehicles by 2035, coupled with the fact that EVs primarily charge overnight during low-demand periods, provides sufficient time for the necessary upgrades and expansion of the grid. Furthermore, the continued use of existing ICE vehicles well beyond 2035, due to natural buying cycles and vehicle lifespans, offers additional time for the grid to evolve to meet far future demands. This ensures a practical and achievable shift towards environmentally friendly transportation.

The transition towards electric and other zero-emission vehicles is a global movement, and Canada’s mandate signals to the automotive industry that we are committed to being part of this change. This policy not only ensures Canada remains on the radar for vehicle distribution but also encourages continued investment in our country. We are excited to see recent investments in battery manufacturing facilities out east, and want Canada to benefit from mining for essential materials, and the expansion of charging networks, all of which are vital for supporting this technological shift and economic growth.

We look forward to a collaborative transition to a greener automotive future.

More info on the EVAA and EVs in Alberta can be found at,, Electric Vehicle Assn. of Alberta (EVAA) Group