Our Team

William York – President

William York graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Since then he has worked in the electric utility industry for nearly ten years and currently serves as a senior engineer of eMobility at ATCO. William has been an EV owner since 2018 and has travelled more than 110,000 electric kilometres since then. He has served on the board of EVAA since 2017

Angie Thomas – Secretary

Angie Thomas, a highly accomplished Executive Assistant, boasts a remarkable track record of over 15 years dedicated to providing unwavering support to senior executives across a diverse spectrum of growth-oriented organizations. Her invaluable expertise spans various industries and is characterized by a proven knack for adaptability, operational efficiency, and a remarkable talent for streamlining processes. After attending several events in 2022 with her first EV, Angie made a pivotal decision to join the Board in 2023. She recognized a distinct need for her administrative acumen. Angie is the Board’s Secretary & co-Editor of the EVAA newsletter. Angie’s dedication & skill of keeping on top of everyone and everything is an important part to EVAA’s success.

Adam Eustace – Director

Adam Eustace is a Project Information Manager with over 20 years of experience in project automation and IT services. Adam embraced the world of electric vehicles by reserving a Tesla Model X in 2014, when it was merely a concept car. Demonstrating his commitment to this innovative form of transportation, he embarked on a 9,000 km round-trip journey from Edmonton to Mexico using only the Supercharge network, as well as numerous other trips often with a trailer in tow. Soon after, Adam was invited to join the EVAA in 2017, assuming the responsibilities of primary event coordinator.

Andrew Bell – Director

Andrew Bell owns a specialist water feature company in Edmonton. He first became intrigued with electric vehicles in 2008 after renting ‘Who Killed The Electric Car’ from the local library. He has been plugging in since 2010 when his hybrid was professionally converted to a plug-in hybrid. Nine years later he took delivery of his first full electric car. With a solar array on his home, he enjoys driving ‘Net Zero’.  Andrew was the EVAA ‘Edmonton City Captain’ when it first founded in 2014. He now serves as founding director with the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta and co-Editor of the EVAA newsletter.

Andrew Batiuk – Director
With a diverse background, including over 20 years in the IT industry, Andrew Batiuk has long been fascinated by the intersection of technology and everyday life. His passion for sustainable living led him to purchase North America’s first hybrid, the Honda Insight, in 2000 and transition to a fully electric vehicle in 2014. Supplementing this commitment, Andrew also installed solar panels at home, allowing his family to enjoy “driving on sunshine.” After numerous electric road trips to diverse locales like California, Vancouver, and the Rockies, Andrew’s spouse overcame her initial skepticism and traded in her internal combustion engine vehicle in 2018. Their experiences have demonstrated that electric vehicles are a rewarding and viable choice for Albertans.Andrew joined the EVAA in 2016 to collaborate with a team equally committed to promoting electric vehicles as a viable and sustainable option for all Albertans.

Michael Corea – Director

Michael Corea is a mechanical engineer with fourteen years of experience in power generation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and most recently, EV charger infrastructure deployment with EPCOR. Michael’s passion for renewable energy and EVs lead him to be a board member of the EV Association of Alberta to help inform the general public about EVs and contribute to the expansion of EV infrastructure.

Nuno Dias – Director

Nuno is a seasoned IT industry professional with over two decades of experience in product development for a Silicon Valley tech company. He has a strong passion for technology and electric vehicles. Nuno has covered over 100,000 km in electric vehicles (including many long distance road trips)  and loves charging from the sun off of his solar array. Nuno has been an active volunteer with the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta since 2018 and has been serving on the board since 2022.

Rajko Pavic – Director

Rajko Pavic is a business professional with two college degrees in Marketing, who has been passionate about EVs since around the time of the movie “Who Killed The Electric Car?”With past experience in Customer Service. Management, and Global Logistics across a few different industries, Rajko finally got to work with Electric cars 10 years later.He was a fan of EVAA’s work long before joining in 2022 – where he continues to work on helping people understand and enjoy the wonderful world of zero tailpipe emission motoring.

Colin Pischke – Director

Colin is a graduate of the U of L Bachelor of Management program (2013). Upon graduation, Colin engaged in renewable energy education and developing his passion for technologies that he believes will change the world for the better. First as a Wind Energy Community Liaison for Lethbridge College and later leveraging 3D printing technology to solve issues around customized prosthetics through his own business. Colin joined SkyFire Energy in 2022 where he works as a Solar Specialist to design solar PV systems and EV charging installations for residential customers across Southern Alberta. Colin is a recent board member who joined the EVAA team in 2023.