Cybertruck powers a gas station in Houston after a tornado

@misssbaaah on TikTok shared a video of a Tesla Cybertruck saving the day - powering a gas station after a tornado knocked out the power. We've seen multiple instances of EVs powering homes and other businesses, but an EV allowing gas cars to refuel is a new one!...

Can the grid handle EVs? “Yes”

CBC's program This is Calgary explores the question of whether the grid can handle EVs. Short answer: "Yes". Can Calgary’s power grid handle more EVs? | This is Calgary |  

Canada Powers Ahead in EV Sales Growth

"Global EV sales reached 1.1 million units in April 2024, according to EV research-house, Rho Motion, bringing year-to-date (YTD) sales to 4.3 million, 22% greater than the same period in 2023. The North American market has increased by 7% YTD, with Canada leading EV...

Free Virtual Student Workshops

Callout to all educators, if you are interested in a free virtual student workshop, please click this link and see if this might be a great way to get your students more involved in the adoption of EVs in Alberta. GreenLearning creates free education programs about...

EVAA Welcomes Skyfire Energy as a Supporter

Since 2001, Skyfire Energy has been designing and installing solar power systems throughout Alberta and much of Canada - from residential to complex commercial systems. As we always say: EVs and Solar are a perfect match - and we at EVAA are extremely grateful that...

Pricing changes: Leduc chargers

To help recover costs and encourage drivers to move their vehicle after charging, all Leduc-owned level 3 (EV) charging stations will cost $10 per hour to use starting later this spring. Level 2 EV charging stations will remain free. A surcharge for extended charging...

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BEV GHG Emission Estimating Tool for Canadian Provinces

Real-Time Alberta Power Generation Source Mix / Historic for other provinces.



Tesla Model 3 Mid Range


Honda Civic


Tesla Model 3 Mid Range
10.81 kg CO2e/100km
1.9 L/100km efficiency
4.4 L/100km GHG
Honda Civic
17.3 kg CO2e/100km
7.1 L/100km efficiency
Annual Cost Comparison

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range
Annual cost: $269
Honda Civic
Annual cost: $1248

Tesla Model 3 MidRangeHonda Civic05001,0001,500

Estimated Annual CostEstimated Annual Cost
Tesla Model 3 Mid Range269
Honda Civic1,248


For more info & sources please see details here.


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