EVAA was proud to be a part of the official launch of the Peaks to Prairies EV charging corridor project today in Lethbridge. Over 100 dignitaries and interested parties gathered at Lethbridge College.

Various communities in southern Alberta have committed over $2,000,000 to ensure over 1600km2 of the region becomes accessible to electric vehicles via 20 DCFC L3 and 20 L2 chargers installed and operated by ATCO – all of which will be powered with renewable
energy. The charging stations will run on the FLO network and are expected to be operational
by the end of 2019.

On the back of the latest announcement by ATCO to build the Peaks to Prairies EV charging
corridor in Alberta, the EVAA is excited to team up with ATCO and the Telsa Owners Club of
Alberta (TOCA) to spread the word to Albertans on the benefits of electric vehicle adoption and
the increasing charging options that drivers will have when on the road. Visit Charging Ahead to
see some of the cool events and content we are supporting.