EVAA was the brainchild of one forward-thinking individual back in 2014. He knew EVs were the future, but also knew it wouldn’t be an easy road ahead, especially here in Alberta. Thus, a Facebook group was born. Through much hard work, EVAA gained physical form, hosting National Drive Electric Week events in both Calgary and Edmonton, and also hosting various smaller meetups, including a well attended (given the EVs of the day!) Earth Day meetup in Red Deer.

As time has passed, so too have the reins of EVAA. Our current group is as passionate as ever about EVs, and we are working hard to do right in the eyes of existing owners while continuing to educate and encourage the owners of tomorrow.

Today, EVAA Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta is incredibly happy to announce we have taken the next logical step – and have secured our Non Profit status with the government. This will open new doors for EVAA to continue advocating for electric vehicles in Alberta.

The past couple of weeks have seen some really encouraging announcements related to EVs in Alberta (and Canada), and there seems to be plenty more ahead.

The future is looking electric. Join Us!