Dealer markups of EVs

There have been multiple reports of dealers marking up EVs, sometimes modestly, and other times, like in this case of an F150, egregiously. Some would say this is how free markets work. We at the EVAA are curious if any Albertans have paid over MSRP for the EV? On one...

Genesis GV60 Review

A review of the Genesis GV60, with its beautifully styled interior, and slick face and fingerprint scanning biometrics. What do you think of its exterior styling? https://youtu.be/1H7tH6QwJUo

BMW iX reviewed by Linus Tech Tips

A Canadian tech focused YouTube site reviews BMWs uniquely styled electric SUV. One of the few vehicles on the road made with structural carbon fibre. They weren't overly impressed with the infotainment UI. Then they actually took it for a drive...and were left...

Local Model S Reaches 400,000km!

One of our local Tesla owners shared this with us. For those that are concerned about the battery/service life of EVs, this Tesla has over 400,000km and still has 90% of its range. Less than $3000 has been spent on maintenance (Front Upper control arms, front lower...

Peak ICE May Be Here

Peak ICE May Be Here

We may be witnessing the last year of growth for ICE vehicles. This has been a decade in the making… See this Bloomberg article for full details

EVAA Attends CES 2022… Day 4

While fully autonomous vehicles still have a ways to go, #CES2022 certainly had a way of getting you to dream of that future. In 2019, WeRide launched the first open to public self-driving Robotaxi service in Guangzhou, China, covering an area of...