ChargeHub is introducing a program that we are excited to share with our members.

Here’s a brief overview of how the program works:
Install and sign up for the ChargeHub app on either Android or iPhone.

Android App

iPhone App

Ensure to add “CH Travel” to the end of your username, as this helps in identifying campaign participants and accurately allocating credits to individuals who have submitted valid photos at eligible sites.
After signing up and verifying your email, you can begin adding photos.
If you are already a registered user, you can modify your username by adding “CH Travel” to the end.

Capture photos of the charging sites listed in the ChargeHub app.
Earn $5 in public charging credit for a photo of a Level 3 charging site.
Earn $1 in public charging credit for a photo of a Level 2 charging site.

Should you require assistance with the program or have any queries, detailed information can be found ChargeHub’s Photo Campaign Page

It is important to note that this opportunity is exclusively open to Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority in their respective provinces.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for eligible photos:
Ensure there are no pre-existing photos of the charging site before you add your submission.
The photo must provide a clear view of the charging site environment to facilitate easy identification.
Credits will be granted for only one photo, even if multiple photos are submitted, as some sites may require additional images to enhance location visibility.

We appreciate your ongoing support and participation in making EVAA a success.