AMA – Car Care Event (Calgary)

AMA Car Care Event – AMA member only event.

The EVAA exhibited at the Calgary AMA Car Care Event. This was a AMA member only event & not open to the general public.

As part of the AMA Car Care Plan, AMA members get a pre-winter check-up from AMA certified technicians.
Local business will be on site to provide car services to ensure their vehicle is ready for winter.

The EVAA shared experiences and answered questions about electric drive vehicles used year round in Alberta.
Members walked away more informed and hopefully will consider an electric vehicle as their next vehicle purchase.


Sep 11 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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  1. Peter Mcgraw

    has the impact of mining and manufacturing materials for batteries (cobalt, manganese, copper,) been taken into account, or are we just shipping our pollution off shore?

    • Andrew Bell

      The GHG emissions on our website focuses Alberta energy feedstock inputs for both an electric vehicle and gasoline vehicle. Material extraction and manufacturing emissions are not in the calculator. For a gas car, this accounts for about 6% of it’s lifetime emissions. For an electric car is it 30% more. Battery electric cars make up for their higher manufacturing emissions within 18 months of driving — shorter range models can offset the extra emissions within 6 months — and continue to outperform gasoline cars until the end of their lives.
      94% of gas vehicle lifetime emissions comes from oil extraction to final vehicle combustion. Electric cars can be charged via renewable energy or offset by renewable energy purchased that was fed into the Alberta grid. Our deregulated electricity system makes this easy to do. A gasoline car can be offset with RE purchases too, but statistically, hardly anyone does it.


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