With all these new EVs potentially coming to market, the next big question is always “Where will I charge?”. #CES2022 has you covered.

There is definitely a lot of interest in being the brand to provide Level 2/3 charging for all the EVs coming. Some local, some from abroad and some even have customized ports that switch from a level 2 EV charger, to a bike charger, to a camera that can scan a license plate for automatic billing. Lots of opportunity for innovation here.

These charging companies, as well as EV makers, will also benefit from the smart charging station emulator dSPACE provides. dSPACE will provide the equipment so that the charging process can be optimized while keeping in mind charging speeds, battery degradation, charging times and more.

Ran out of charge on the side of the road? EnerCampEV offers roadside charge up. 15-30 mins and you’re back on the road with enough to get to your intended charger.

And finally, a focus on the batteries themselves. Cambrian is working towards a single carbon battery with benefits such as: 10x rapid charge, no rare metals, no thermal runaway, organic materials, easy to recycle and >20 year battery life. Even if they haven’t quite got there yet, I think we can all commend their aspiration.