One thing that was very evident when checking out all the vehicles at #CES2022 was the focus on the transition away from fossil fuels. Almost all of them were EVs or at least hydrogen or biofuel based.

Last year Sony unveiled their Vision-S, which showcased what Sony had to offer other automakers in terms of screens, cameras, audio, etc. This year they unveiled Vision-S02 with a new division called Sony Mobility where they will be exploring the possibility of entering the EV market.

Next we have EdisonFuture. This one is still in the works, but these EV pickups can tow up to 11,000 lbs, hit 0-60 mph as quick as 3.9 seconds and has a retractable solar roof.

Traditional car manufacturers were present too. BMW unveiled their iX M60. With 111.5 kWh battery pack and two electric motors this EV offered up to 611 bhp and 1,100 Nm of peak torque, 0-100 km/hr in 3.8 seconds and up to 575 kms of range.

New to the EV market in North America, VinFast made an appearance with their EV only lineup. This Vietnamese based automaker officially launched three cars in Vietnam back in 2019. Now in 2022 they’re ready to bring the VF 8 & 9 to the Canadian market.

Making its international debut at CES 2022, this Turkish based company called Togg introduced their concept SUV. While they didn’t have details to share (emphasis on concept), it sure was breathtaking to look at.

Another traditional automaker looking to stick around in the EV future brought its concept car called the Chrysler Airflow. Reaching deep into the past it revived this legendary name from back in the 1930s. There’s no confirmation for production, but they would be targeting 400 miles of range with level 3 autonomous driving capability.

Fiat is back with a new generation of their all-electric Fiat 500. With a range up to 320 km (WLTP), this little vehicle is the perfect match for city dwellers. Easy to park, great visibility and more room than you would think.…/new-electric-fiat-500-on…

Still keeping things fresh, Fisker introduced the Ocean. This SUV offers 350 miles of range, a solar roof, rotating centre screen and all while using sustainable materials.

Brining it closer to home we have the Solo from Electra Meccanica based here in Canada! For just under 20K USD you can get this zero emission three wheeler that has all the speed you’ll need commuting in the city.

Finally there is the INDI EV. Anyone looking for multiple large screens in your car? Look no further. 300 miles of range, 0-60 in 5 seconds and 470 HP.