Yesterday Alberta’s Premier, Danielle Smith, made an inaccurate/false statement when talking to the press.

“They (Federal government) have threatened to not allow for combustion engine vehicles to be on the road after 2035”

False. This is simply untrue.

Come 2035 Albertans can continue driving their ICE vehicles. They can also continue to purchase new vehicles with a combustion engine…it will just happen to come with a battery and electric motor as well (PHEV). If Albertans want (or need) to never plug in and to only use gas, they can do so.

More info on Canada’s ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) sales targets.

Government of Canada’s definition of ZEV, which includes BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle), and FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle).

Full clip is available from the CBC on Youtube.