EV Reviews

Genesis GV60 Review

A review of the Genesis GV60, with its beautifully styled interior, and slick face and fingerprint scanning biometrics. What do you think of its exterior styling?

BMW iX reviewed by Linus Tech Tips

A Canadian tech focused YouTube site reviews BMWs uniquely styled electric SUV. One of the few vehicles on the road made with structural carbon fibre. They weren’t overly impressed with the infotainment UI. Then they actually took it for a drive…and were left impressed. By the acceleration and ability to soak up bumps in the road.

Local Model S Reaches 400,000km!

One of our local Tesla owners shared this with us. For those that are concerned about the battery/service life of EVs, this Tesla has over 400,000km and still has 90% of its range. Less than $3000 has been spent on maintenance (Front Upper control arms, front lower lateral control arm, front sway bar links, rear sway bar links, rear toe link, all pads and rotors done 10k ago).

We originally posted this to Twitter, and were shocked at the attention it garnered – 0ver 40,000 views! One of the knocks against EVs that we hear repeatedly is that they do not last – this story helps alleviate that concern!

GM EV1’s Owners Manual

This is a fascinating look at a bit of history, the first fully electric vehicle of the modern era.

“As an owner of the EV1, you will be among the first to experience life without oil changes or smog checks.
You will no longer need a tune up.
And you won’t ever hear a mechanic say, “sounds like you could use a new muffler.
You have so much to forget.” – Intro from the manual


CGP Grey undertakes a unique roadtrip in a Model X

CGP Grey is a Youtube personality who typically makes videos explaining why/how things happen. He is not a Tesla Youtuber. He actually doesn’t typically drive (after a bad accident years ago, he avoids driving). He needed to cross the USA and was offered a Tesla Model X. This lengthy video proves to be rather enjoyable, while it captures his first ever experience with driving an electric vehicle.