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EV Incentives are here!

Starting May 1 2019, the Government of Canada is offering purchase and lease incentives for eligible EV/PHEVs. The particulars are a little... well... particular: Vehicles with 6 or fewer seats, and a starting price under $45,000, with models up to $55,000 (MSRP) will...

A History of Electric Scooters (brought to our attention by Mason…)

Mason, a student doing a bit of research for a class project on electric vehicles, came across our site. He got word to us that it helped him in his learning - and he also suggested we link to a particular site that he also found helpful - focusing on electric...

EVAA on Danielle Smith talk radio

EVAA Director William York was on the Danielle Smith radio show on 770 CHQR today.

Zero-emission transport trucks set to hit Alberta roads

The CBC is reporting that a pilot project, led by Alberta Motor Transport Association, will see two hydrogen powered semi trucks roaming Alberta's roadways (predominantly the QE2 between Calgary and Edmonton). We certainly hope the project is a success and shows the...

2019 Q1 EV Sales Numbers

Here are some EV vehicle sales numbers extracted from an Electric Mobility Canada report for Q1 2019. This includes BEV and PHEV. The top 3 models by sales in Q1 2019 are: 1. Tesla Model 3 (1594), 2. Hyundai Kona (1163), 3. Mitsubishi Outlander (710). Seems like the...

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